Exclusive business breakfasts at N28


Time to step out from the office! Surely many of you have already imagined how great it would be to start your morning business meetings with a glass of champagne, or a selection of cheeses and olives, international cured meats and freshly baked croissants. From now on you can do this in the private hall of N28 Wine & Kitchen!                                                           

N28 starts spring with a new service! Our exclusive business breakfasts are available in 3 different packages, ranging from simply delicious classic dishes to our exclusive packages, all tailored to the needs of our guests.

N28 provides an ideal environment for business meetings, meetings with foreign partners, small team-building sessions and other events, as we offer our guests complete exclusivity during the morning hours, between 9:00 and 13:00, when the restaurant is not open to the public.

Our package offers range from 3990 Ft to 12 990 Ft per person, while the exclusive out-of-hours meeting hall rental costs 50 000 Ft.

Corporate and private events at dinner time in N28

N28 Wine & Kitchen is a wine restaurant serving nearly 150 small-batch domestic specialities and Catalan-Basque-Hungarian fusion cuisine. The dishes paired to wines are unique in the Budapest dining scene and are served in a cosy, private hall for our event guests.

To book business breakfasts and corporate and private events, please contact our manager at one of the following: +36 70 659 4312 //