Special wines available only at N28 in the city


Wine is oxygen for us. It’s natural and it surrounds us. We have wine for those regular days, and some we save for the holidays. We never compromise on quality. We’ve assembled our selection like the most thoughtful curator of a contemporary gallery.

Champagne pops at 11 am


We’re awaiting you with champagne dishes to start your day. Just like in your dreams. You know, when you think you deserve a sip of the high life. We understand exactly what that desire is like, because we have it in us. It’s not a luxury. You just have to allow yourself that.

The perfect evening at the theatre


This is a corner of the city where people are not in a hurry. Whether it’s the theatres or the proximity of Andrassy Avenue, we don’t know. But we feel it. Broadway in Pest is where we envisioned this place. We take our time and enjoy the evenings. We show our appreciation with a little gift to those who decide to spend their time before or after a show with us.

Can you imagine the character of the obsessive winemaker who makes wine and champagne from long-forgotten grape varieties that are also served in Michelin-starred restaurants? Or his friend from Mád? For him, hospitality is in another dimension. And so is his wine. And then there’s the winemaker’s mate and his wife. You drop in unexpectedly, but you’re almost forced to stay. They always have a good bite for you. The winemaker’s daughter has been working with her daddy for as long as she can remember. It’s in her blood to appreciate and seek out local wine specialties. The N28 WINE & KITCHEN was the brainchild of this group of friends with family ties. It was our idea.

We are professional and we are in a great location. This place is only as elegant as its proximity to the theatres necessitate it to be. You’ll taste special wines, and here you’ll find local wines that others don’t carry. If you like, we’ll tell you about our champagnes. We love champagne breakfasts! But most importantly, our hearts are here. This place will be like our home. The men will be there in the background, providing security, stability, but the women will fill it with life, care and soul. You’ll see a familiar face whenever you come. Passionate hospitality is our greatest attraction.

Food and drinks


Others pair drinks with food, but for us it’s the other way round. We make and keep special wines and champagnes, of which only a small batch is made, and which only the truly initiated know and appreciate. For these drinks, we have sought flavours that complement the meal with their simplicity, genuineness and naturalness.



Be sure to let us know if you visit us before or after a show, because we have a surprise for you! Reservations are highly recommended, especially in the evening!

    Thank you for rating us if you liked what you tasted or liked as we hosted you! We tried very hard!

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    We are waiting for our dear guests every day from 11 am to 11 pm!

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