Furmint February – Following traditions at N28


In February, all over the country – and even across our borders – restaurants, wine shops and wine bars will focus on this wonderful grape variety, whose origins are linked to Hungary, in particular the Tokaj wine region. It is of high quality and can be made into a wide variety of styles of wine. It has proven itself as a dry white wine and as a base for sparkling wine. In general, the variety produces relatively full-bodied wines with high acidity, in dry wines it is an excellent expression of the region thanks to its neutral style, and in sweet wines it can be used as the basis for very complex aszú wines in the Tokaj wine region due to the botrytis effect. In terms of aromatics, it is often characterised by quince, quince pear, peach and apricot.                                                                       

As N28 is dedicated to the exceptional wines of Hungarian vineyards and wine regions, we are dedicating our February to Furmint, with a special line-up for those who are curious to see what this variety can do when in expert hands.

Available throughout February as an à la carte item on our wine page, this 6-lot Furmint wine list is available for you to request at any time and to understand with the help of our sommelier Tibor Tamás.

  1. Barta Méthode Traditionelle 2017, Tokaj
  2. Bukolyi Marcell Grand Superior Furmint 2020, Eger
  3. Bodrog Borműhely Mád Furmint 2016, Tokaj
  4. Somlói Apátsági Pince Furmint 2020, Nagy-Somló 
  5. Barta ÖKD furmint 2013, Tokaj
  6. Barta ‘1108’ Késői Szüretelésű Furmint 2018, Tokaj

Price of the wine tasting: 10900 Ft

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