“The terroir speaks, we listen” – Women’s Day wine tasting with exclusive wines from the Turay family


The history of the Turay Family Winery dates back to the 17th century. The cellar was originally built by the Capuchin order some 250 years ago. The estate is run according to bioorganic farming methods, with hand-picking and gentle processing of the grapes to produce a high quality must. In the process, they follow their philosophy that “the terroir speaks, we listen”.

The following items will be presented at the tasting:

  • Generosa Brut
  • Generosa Pét-Nat
  • Rozália 2022
  • Cabernet Rose 2022
  • Olaszrizling 2021 
  • Olaszrizling 2020
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
  • Merlot Pét-Nat

Most of the wines are not yet commercially available, so you will be able to taste them for the first time at N28! They are a real curiosity, so it’s worth booking as soon as possible due to the limited number of tables.

During the wine tasting, we will serve freshly baked baguettes and olive oil as a complement. For our guests who would like to stay for dinner after the tasting, we offer a 10% discount on the price of dinner.

The price of the wine tasting: 10 900 Ft / person

Book your table now:

+36 70 659 4312